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Captain Qi - Wireless Charging Pad.  Best Deal - pepmyphone
Captain Qi - Wireless Charging Pad.  Best Deal - pepmyphone
Captain Qi - Wireless Charging Pad.  Best Deal - pepmyphone
Captain Qi - Wireless Charging Pad.  Best Deal - pepmyphone
Captain Qi - Wireless Charging Pad.  Best Deal - pepmyphone

Captain Qi - Best Wireless Charger. Flash Deal.


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Captain Qi Best Wireless Charger -- Product of the Week. Best Value.

Phone not Qi Enabled ? No Wireless Charging ? No Worries. 

Click here to make your phone Qi enabled (Wireless Charging Enabled).

Wireless Charging: Simply place down any Qi-enabled device or a device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover, no cables or USB interface required to connect phone.

Built-in highly efficient induction coils offer you much WIDER CHARGING AREA.

Just plug in your existing charger to power your Captain Qi Charging Pad.
Friendly LED Indicator Lights.

The latest technology smart coils give you a better charging experience than the regular chargers.

It is pretty perfect for your home, office or business desk. It is really a piece of art you would love.

Equipped with power-efficient idle mode that never overcharges your battery or wastes energy.

Package includes: 

Wireless Charging Pad only, (AC adaptor not included. See tips for more info) 

Quality Certification: CCC

USB Ports: 1


If your mobile phone is not Qi enabled, you would need a Qi Charging Receiver, we have made it available on our website and needs to be purchased separately or you can't use this wireless charger for your device.

 Why is my phone not fast charging?

Please understand that this is a highly efficient Qi Wireless Charger, your device may not be fast charging because you are using a slow charger/duplicate charger or is not Qi enabled etc.

We highly recommend to please use the original fast charger provided by your brand for fast charging enabled devices to get benefited most. We also recommend not using power source from computer/laptop, because the output from computer is only 500-800mA.

If your phone case is over 5mm in thickness, it would be better to take off it before charging. Thick cases generally impact the efficiency of the Qi wireless charging. Some defender series phone cases with heavy metal or rubber cases may also impact the efficiency of wireless charger. 

Recommended Devices - All Qi enabled devices.

(Rest of the models need wireless charging receiver. Read tips section for more information)

iPhone : iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhone X

Samsung Wireless Charger for Samsung S8 S8 Plus S7 S7 Edge S6 S6 Edge S6 Edge Plus Note 5

Google-Nexus 4 5 6 7

Motorola Droid Turbo Droid Turbo 2 Droid 5.

Nokia-Lumia 735 822 920 928 930 950 950XL 1020 1050

HTC 8X ONE MAX T6 Incredible 4G ONE mini 2 Droid DNA

LG-Nexus 4 5 G Pro D1L LTE2

Blackberry Z30


Sony Xperia Z4v/Z3v and all QI-Enabled Devices.

The above list of devices is only an indication, please check your product manual or with your device manufacturer for Qi functionality on your device.

Please note: This product is a Qi Wireless charging Pad and doesn't come with an power adaptor.

Shipping time: This product requires at-least 12 - 21 working days for delivery.

Find list of some Compatible phone models for your reference using the link below.



1 x Qi Wireless Charging Pad  (does not include a charger)